Grana Padano

The Grana Padano DOP is son of the place where it was born and where it ages: the vast flat plains where milk is a serious matter and the work is handed down from father to son.

Skilled hands, ancient traditions, actions repeated through the time make the Grana Padano DOP a masterpiece, product of time and care. Every wheel is different and equal at the same time, the perfect result of a process religiously respected.

The strong but not spicy flavor blends with the taste of milk for a cheese which sees in the branding the start of a great adventure, on the tables of all over the world.

Parmigiano Reggiano

When the simplicity of three ingredients gives life to wonderful stories. Raw milk, rennet and salt: this is Parmigiano Reggiano.

Unique for its organoleptic and nutritional properties, famous all over the world, with a constant evolving flavor. Depending on the maturing, the hints of milk and fresh fruit increase and become adding notes of spices and dried fruit.

The highest expression of a territory suited to work, a rigorous process and a respect for the raw material that make the Parmigiano Reggiano the arrival point of a millennial history.



Soft and buttery, with a fair bit of acidity. The Provolone Valpadana DOP is a semi-hard spun paste cheese that tells about contaminations and migratory flows between Northern and Southern Italy.

Sweet, spicy, smoked: every Provolone has its personality and its character that manages to please all palates.

Italian Hard & Vegetarian Cheese

The perfect cheese for vegetarian consumers. It has a fragrant and delicate flavor, a sweet smell and it meets the needs of a constantly evolving market.

Its paste is hard and finely grainy and the color varies from white to pale yellow.

Hard Cheese Grated

As a magic dust: even just with a sprinkle of grated cheese you can give a twist of flavor and character to any dish. The freshness-saving sachets manage to preserve all the cheese qualities and freshness, Seeing is believing.


The centuries-long history of Pecorino corresponds to  the advent of agriculture and of the shepherd’s craft. Its taste is characteristic and immediately recognisable: the level of spiciness varies according to the maturation.

A balanced, equilibrated and harmonious cheese with herbaceous and vegetal scents.


A cheese of mysterious origins: the legend tells about that during the making of Provolone a producer realized that a cheese was not good and, to remedy,treated it with a higher temperature than usual.

The Scamorza was born. With its typical pear shape, the lace and its sapidity it is a cheese with a thousand of possibilites: cut, in cubes, melted, grilled. Every choice will be the right one.

Mozzarella Fior di latte

The milk white colored paste, the fibrous structure: she is the queen of fresh cheese. The Mozzarella “Fiordilatte” is the crown jewel of the dairy heritage of all Southern Italy.

Produced according to the procedural guideline, she boasts the denomination TSG (Traditional Speciality Guaranteed). The result is a young and versatile cheese, perfect synthesis of the fresh milk.

Freschissimi (Fresh Cheese)

More than 60% of water, no maturing, a lightly sour taste and the presence of lactic ferments: the “freschissimi” are the cheese that better describe their main ingredient, the milk.

From Burrata to Mascarpone, Ricotta and Mozzarella, the delicate flavors, the creamy consistencies and the velvety sensation on the palate make these cheese proud ambassadors of the “made in Italy” that the world envies us, representing the delicacy of the Italian style.


From the rural tradition of the re-use, “re-coctus”: the Ricotta is the result of the processing of cow and goat whey. White and doughy, soft and light, it is probably the most versatile cheese: it doesn’t cover the ingredients but rather enhances the flavors.

Mentioned in The Odissey, the Ricotta accompanies the men’s meals fom antiquity, the Christian tradition attributes to St.Francesco of Assisi the teaching of the Ricotta production to the shepherds of Lazio.


An Italian excellence, a really ancient history, a unique aromatic profile: the Gorgonzola DOP stimulates taste and palate and, thanks to the presence of noble rot, gains in character and intensity.

The king of blue-veined cheese, sweet or spicy, allows creative pairings in the kitchen and it is exported all over the world.

Traditional Cheese

Italy is a little world: we are a boot in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea but every spot is different. Dialects, traditions, folklore… food! We are so lucky: from north to south, from east to west, every town has its typical dish.

As well as the cheese, which evolve and transform depending on the milk, the breedings, the grass. Yes, Italy is a little world full of beautiful things… and also tasty.

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